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24 Sep 2007

Unreal Tournament 3We are to month and a half of the exit of Unreal 3 Tournament and already story the hours to be able to work with the Unreal Engine 3.0. Like the previous version (UT 2004) the game we will be able to obtain it in two flavors for the PC: mortal and of colecci├â ┬│ n. Unlike dem├âs games where we always obtain a string of porquer├âas in video titled like ÔÇťmaking of: ÔÇŁ in boxes met├âlicas, Epic decidi├â ┬│ to follow the same way of UT 2004 and us dar├ân but of 10 hours of tutorial in video of the Unreal Engine 3.

This versià ³ n is best opcià ³ n for which they look for to begin in the industry of the development of the videojuegos, mainly in the part of diseño, since podrà n to work with the publisher of levels to generate his own scenes, to generate personages in his favorite publisher of 3D and to export them to the game. For the programmers the Unreal Script is a good beginning for some mutator or one conversià total ³ n of the game.

Aside from the extra DVD we will have a figure on scale and a book of art in grazes lasts, surely very similar to the one of Gears of War. Unreal Tournament 3 estarÃavailable the 19 of November for PC (in two versions) and one versià ³ n without publisher parael PS3.

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