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9 Nov 2007

Books of game design and game devI apologize not to update like would have, but last dÃas I have filled of work and just a short time it frees that I take advantage of I have it to read some books that conseguà at the beginning of week in the library of the UAM Azcapotzalco.

In one of those flown that one throws to see that it falls, me encontré of except a dozen of interesting books of diseño, art and development of videojuegos. Elegà three books después to leaf through them by one hour, each with certain points that called atencià to me ³ n.

In a pair of dÃas I take reading without stopping the book of Postmortems from Game Developers de Austin Grossman. It distributes CMP, the group responsible for the Game Developers Conference, Gamasutra and GD to it Magazine and the treatment is the same that occurs to the Postmortems de Gamasutra. A person of the study in cuestià ³ n is in charge to enumerate a series of points throughout the development of videojuego: Qué was well and Qué was bad.

The Nascent book this divided in (studies with its first project) in which emphasizes Irrational Games with System Shock 2, Bohemia Interactive or Nihilistic. Continúa with Sequelas añadiendo to Blizzard (Devil II) and Epic Games (UT). In the middle of the book we have the part of Innovacià ³ n with Lionhead and the excellent Black&White, Ion Storm (EX- Deus) and Naughty Dog with Jak&Daxter.

The book closes with seccià ³ n of licenses with Raven Software (Star Trek), Network Storm (Rainbow Six) or Lucas Arts (SW Starfighter) and seccià ³ n Online with Turbine (Asheron' s Call) or Mythic (Dark Age of Camelot). All the projects follow the same line and is very interesting to know filosofÃa that it reigns in each study at the time of handling the project.

It is a book that this thought to read itself skipped, is not forced that you go of principle to aim. You can saltarte of Westwood to Irrational or Ensemble to Epic to contrapuntear filosofÃas and to see the causes of the éxito. And if you asked about Bungie I fear decepcionarte but it does not come I pull ahead, the book is of the 2003 and contains in his mayorÃa PC games. Nevertheless this is not reason to leave it in the shelf, is a quite valuable piece and of War, Bioshock, Fable, etc. helps to understand the process you of many present games like Gears.

I finish not yet it, in some days I give to one reseña mà themample s. Of the other two books one is Rules of Play de Eric Zimmerman, a quite ample study of the models of diseño that are detrÃs of the videojuegos. teà is rich, conceptual and therefore, completely difficult a book ³ for which not estÃcustomary to read of metodologÃa. This book I only recommend it to somebody with antecedents of any branch of diseño (graphic, industrial or architecture) since similar concepts are handled and is even much more simple to make direct relation between the forms to drive in a conventional project of diseño. If you look for aid for a document of diseño, these lost and you want to find your future way in the industry or you do not know to distinguish between which it is development and diseño *EVITALO*. Diseño of videojuegos and development of videojuegos are different things.

By último estÃDesigning 3D Games that Sell, of Luke Ahearn. It is the book to that less I have lent atencià ³ n, there am leido a pair of capÃtulos and like podrÃn to imagine by tÃtulo, is a species of enormous tutorial that covers with very general way all the aspects in the creation of videojuego. Diseño, development, implementacià ³ n, distribucià ³ n, etc. Comes with pequeños advice and tutorial from engines Open Source that includes the CD that acompañthe book.

I conclude diciéndoles that is peculiar to see that no of these three books nor of other 4 which leà tenÃa resello of préstamo. It is clear to me that it is a subject that interests to very few people in ours paÃs to him.

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November 14th, 2007 AT 9:13 a.m.

So that class of I publish is destined principantes in video games, since I want to enter but nose whereupon book to begin


November 15th, 2007 AT 12:55 a.m.

Fabian, following the area to which you wish adentrarte are many books with which you can initiate.

ÂWhat is your area of interest?




November 22nd, 2007 AT 9:48 p.m.

Is not the same to desarrolar games of putazos that rpg.



November 22nd, 2007 AT 9:50 p.m.


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