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Lara Croft not serÃa a Ãcono of the videojuegos but for that pair of teats.

Eidos says that Lara Croft must change to arrive to him at the feminine público, I I say that is BULLSHIT. The feminine público estÃvery entertained making millionaire to Blizzard and Nintendo, it enjoys accidental games in his iPhone or vÃa to browser in his 15 minutes of labor egg.

Lara Croft has undergone one sobreexplotaci├â ┬│ n that almost takes extinci├â ┬│ to it n despu├â┬ęs of as much excrement. Luckyly it had a good return in the 2006, rescuing elements b├âsicos of its origin and aplic├ândolos in the ├â┬║ltimos two games. ┬│ has evolved tecnol├â gicamente and counts on dise├â┬▒o of levels exceptional. Then ├éBy qu├â┬ę to joder that? There is no necessity to arrive to him at all p├â┬║blico with a record so set as Tomb Raider; it has a considerable base of users and Lara is the third ├âcono m├âimportant s of the universe (they precede Mario and Sonic).

I want to think that this new way llevar├âa to on approval implement a system of jugabilidad of idiots (assured immortality) followed of puzzles m├âs simple and one versi├â ┬│ n of less hot Lara. Podr├âamos titular it ├ó ┬Ç ┬ť Tomb Raider Casual├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł a game gratuitous Web based on one tecnolog├âa gr├âfica similar to Quake Live or Battlefield Heroes and that work under the system of micro-transactions. This is offensive as much for fan├âticos of the series like for the women play who it.

I believe that we have arrived at a little while in that nobody feels like victim if the personage is white black, immigrant, tetona or does violence to. The women are not stupid, are able to solve puzzles, to use to sniper and leading raids without problem some. They have clans that humiliate of the way mà to youcruel s in Halo or Rainbow Six and for that reason Bungie or Ubisoft has not decided to make less complexes (rositas) their tÃtulos.

Eidos needs money, like all. But the true problem comes by a estúpida amount of games that leave the same month: November. People must administer her money and leave to slope some adquisicià ³ n. With one calendarizacià suitable ³ n (or the dollar in the middle of price) dejarÃamos to undergo but TR Underworld cometià ³ the error to leave the same month that Call of Duty, Gears of 2 War and etc etc.

Good diseño is in the perfect balance of the jugabilidad components. opcià ³ n to re-invent to Lara tendrÃa that to go by a way where the narrative, the control system and diseño of puzzles stay like a single element. To dress to Lara and to transform it into an accidental Ãcono sound as aberrant as to think that the new Guitar Hero is the wave or that Uwe Boll deberÃa to direct pelÃcula of Gears of War.

Xtintor for the 360

By that one of the overheat

[VÃa Microsiervos]

Codemasters is one of the few compañÃas that respect by not having fallen in the dirty game to exhaust tax exemptions annually. FUEL is a new IP that utilizarÃa variant of the EGO⠄ ¢ engine basÃndose in the principle of the MegaTexture.

In I see it slightly to concept similar to Rage (future alternating, buggies, wasteland) but the extra of the tornado and a único land leaves thinking me about the número infinite of possibilities that has compañÃa to operate the jugabilidad.

VÃa Box X

Too Human

To arrive behind schedule always is a problem and like so, it causes consequences. You but have not stopped yourselves believing in that appointment of ÔÇťm├âs is worth behind schedule that neverÔÇŁ. ├éSometimes they have arrived behind schedule at an appointment? if she is his safe fianc2ee gets angry, if it is with client lose a safe it and if it is a safe game loseÔÇŽ hype, million of d├â ┬│ lares or credibility (at all the levels) among others things.

There is one lists interminable of a├â┬▒os projects that have arrived despu├â┬ęs, for example Team Fortress 2 that despu├â┬ęs of as much time in hold decides to in a while appear in that the scene to gamer of PC is extinguished and therefore does not have the ├â┬ęxito that could harvest if outside the 2002. Duke Nukem Forever suffers of the same evil.

On the other hand games that are immersed in pol├â┬ęmica like Too Human, which they generate as much noise and they are delayed by legal questions; and he is right when we asked ÔÇť├éas much pedo so that they gave this sweepings? Knights silicone perdi├â ┬│ all credibility putting in front a legal problem to cover what its study was not able to solve. I have not listened of m├âs studies that they demand to Epic by the Unreal Engine 3

Latin WoW

Now ├équ├â┬ę passes when a game arrives behind schedule by language questions, regi├â ┬│ n, etc.? World of Warcraft for example, sends to the Latin market despu├â┬ęs to verify to be a successful tax exemption at world-wide level. versi├â ┬│ n arrives behind schedule too much like so that the thousands of Hispanic users decide mudar to a Latin server. traducci├â ┬│ n est├âbased on versi├â ┬│ n of Espa├â┬▒a (even that is the same) but noncoarse being in espa├â┬▒ol, it is very behind schedule.

Conan Hyrborian Adventures or Star Wars Galaxies is another example of how solving of way tardÃa the problems. First it painted to overthrow to WoW, if not of less robbing a considerable base of users but llegà to him ³ plagued of errors, little balance in the classes and the experience obligà ³ to thousands of users to return to the server of Blizzard. daño was done and by mÃs that intentà ³ to remedy by means of patches, first impresià ³ n was negative and sufficient like so that people it stopped believing.

In the case of Star Wars Galaxies pas├â ┬│ something m├âgallant s. Despu├â┬ęs of two a├â┬▒os of delay apareci├â ┬│ with a problem: the game so est├â┬║pidamente raised correct things in the universe that volv├âa boring. It was a suplicio to get to be Jedi (I believe that 80% of users it wished that) but restricci├â ┬│ n of times oblig├â ┬│ to put padlocks and a few only could aspire to this.

Despu├â┬ęs of some a├â┬▒os in which people acostumbr├â ┬│ to the classes, compr├â ┬│ two expansions and were to him faithful but Sony Online tom├â ┬│ one of the worse decisions in a massive one: to try to recover to people sacrificing to its present base of active users.


I find your lack of usersÔÇŽ disturbing

The result of the ÔÇťNew ExperienceÔÇŁ was something that lleg├â ┬│ with too much delay, to end of accounts is something that quer├âa people in the first 6 months not two a├â┬▒os despu├â┬ęs. The users began to emigrate and in spite of counting on mill├â ┬│ n of registries until that a├â┬▒o, the number of people playing did not exceed 10 thousands (less than 20 thousands in a massive one are considered a failure).

Fable 2The other face of the currency estÃrepresented by equipment that handles well their times: Epic, Infinity Ward; by that it does not matter what they take since the game is garantÃa in cuestià ³ n of quality: Blizzard (at level development) Valve or Rockstar Games; or by those directed by people with ample knowledge of the industry: Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima or rockstar Itakagi.

In times like these, the decisions are taken by distributers and are or not correct them, to end of accounts año ends up defining the color of the industry each. The único sector that stays immune is the independent one, nevertheless is not sufficiently powerful like catching atencià ³ n of which they think that a quality game requires an equipment of mÃs one hundred people for its development.

Netbook Gaming

In the ma├â┬▒ana, while le├âa my habitual dose of feeds, me encontr├â┬ę with the note in MCV which the fever of netbooks podr├âa to give another turn to the industry of the videojuegos. Thanks to the connectivity inal├âmbrica and the low cost of the equipment, these podr├âan to be profiteers to operate the market of accidental games (navigator or desktop with low requirements).

ÂThey really can contribute something? for my it is bread with the same. It is not that it does not believe in the accidental market, is only that other devices exist to explode before to fall in the same type of interactivity that propose the present games. Devices as iPod Touch or programs of development indies (WiiWare or XNA CC) podrÃan to give a turn to the industry of accidental games, saturated of clones of Zuma or Bejeweled.

One netbook is attractive in many aspects (cost, yield, weight) but is still a PC and the supply of games podr├âa to sound campa├â┬▒a of similars: ÔÇťThe same Plays, but in any placeÔÇŁ and I doubt much that this podr├âa to give a turn to the castrosa ÔÇťaccidental feverÔÇŁ.


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18 Nov 2008

Despu├â┬ęs of several advances of Max Payne decid├â to bet a little and to give him an opportunity to him, not without first to reinstate and to play it of principle. The bad thing of this is that you nail too much in somewhat similar history and delays, or of less than not est├â┬ę so pirado of versi├â original ┬│ n.

The problem is that with guià ³ n of a game as Max Payne not even you must alter it so that to make one pelÃcula digerible. History enters perfect one pelÃcula of Mafia, the personage fits with the stereotype of Hollywood (traumatized wey, solitary) and you have elements to operate (painkillers, bullet Time) Âthen? Simply junkies took the less important elements (, mitologÃa nà ³ rdica) they handled and them like key point of pelÃcula.

WTF! ├éAnd bullet Time? ├éPainkillers? they do not jodan to me! Max Payne has quite heavy hallucinations when refining itself a dose of V, but also traum├â has its tripsticos and it is not necessary to drug itself to become a son from puta and to kill average building. ├éSo that? By simple raz├â ┬│ n to see its dead wife and sonÔÇŽ Max Payne is bad to motherfucker by default.

The assault to the Aesir Place operates is it prime to the violence: bullet Time, berettas and painkillers ¿Dónde quedó? ÂThey omitted it by the references to Matrix? ÂB.B of boss? WTF! They only tenian that to play hours to understand that adaptacià ³ n was not thing of the other world (nor that outside Dead or Alive).

Pel├âcula only has three rescatables things: fotograf├âa, ambientaci├â ┬│ n and Olga Kurylenko (only minutes). Outside this it is any palomera tape of mi├â┬ęrcoles, apt for the ÔÇťaccidental p├â┬║blicoÔÇŁ.

Football Manager is a winning tax exemption in many aspects, has taken to Las Palmas for many a├â┬▒os to the being the simulator of ÔÇťsoccer handlingÔÇŁ m├âcomplete s that exists. Just ah├â ÔÇťtoffeesÔÇŁ has put the eye and has signed an agreement with Sports Interactive to use it like tool of scouting.

It seems that Everton FC usarÃas data base of players since mà includes littles of 370 thousand professionals of about a 20 thousand equipment around the world (distributed in 50 countries), each with detailed estadÃsticas. mà is the data basegreat s in the world and therefore, a tool of excellent recruitment.

For that they do not have idea than you can do in this game: Football Manager is a total simulator for which we liked to go mÃs allÃto play with mere gamepad. The objective is to take the paper from manager of the equipment (tÃctico and financier) and to leave successful during several seasons. TÃcticas (at the level mÃdetailed s), contracts with sponsoring players or until extensions of the stage are only some of the options that we have available.

├éQu├â┬ę pasar├âa if this became in ours pa├âs? ├éThey think to me if it said to them that podr├âamos to live without players sweepings driven by the promoters? Only bastar├âa with catching the PC and lying down nailing to the data base to know that players are good and cu├âl is their probability of becoming stars. Of step him servir├âa to the managers of the equipment to learn to handle the finances and to mediocre t├â┬ęcnicos to propose a better system of game.

Leà in


To forget Windows is f├âcil despu├â┬ęs of 6 months to work with OS X. The system is incredibly stable, software that you use for 2D and 3D is available in the same versions and takes advantage of better configuraci├â ┬│ n your equipment, you are with a series of programs that increase your productivity and you are happyÔÇŽ in short whiles, because you are with the annoyance to have to reinitiate in Windows to use all the development tools for games.

For my bad luck there are games in no Mac (those that there is have up to 1 a├â┬▒o of delay) and what m├âs me jode is that they do not come with SDKs for being simple ports. Gustar├âa to see the times me that it takes in cooking a map in the Unreal Engine or the Radiant de CoD4 under this operating system without having to fight with the typical ÔÇťUnhandled exception: Violation Access blablablablaÔÇŁ of Vista.

Seg├â┬║n Apple the future of the games est├âin iPod Touch/iPhone and that exists a ÔÇťtremendous synergyÔÇŁ of the developers with that platform. I do not know qu├â┬ę so certain is, nevertheless the platform me est├âmaking ojitos to develop to one aplicaci├â ┬│ n during following a├â┬▒o.

If you, well off reading friend, wish to play creations fancys and original (and nonclones of Guitar Hero) and Zur5uckhaltung in sponsoring a license to me of Unity, pÃquele to the button of Contact that is in menú superior and makes to all one generacià ³ n happy.


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13 Nov 2008

Amy Taylor descubri├â ┬│ that its husband enga├â┬▒aba, but not with the neighbor or the secretaryÔÇŽ fu├â┬ę with another transformation of Second Life. Taylor apunt├â ┬│ that ÔÇťsinti├â ┬│ hurt and extremely victim. Pod├âa not to think that his husband was having sex with another oneÔÇŽ in front of the monitorÔÇŁ. ÔÇťThat is to enga├â┬▒ar to where I have understoodÔÇŁ.

The pair conocià ³ in a room of chat becomes five años. With this Taylor incident him pidià ³ the divorce and now has decided to take refuge in the arms of another one (transformation) but this time serÃof World of Warcraft.



The Saline commentary of Daniel in post previous made ask to me  meWe really want to play the same tÃtulo of does one or two años but with light improvements? ÂWe do it because there are no alternatives. ÂExamples? Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Band Rock, for Need Speed and the list follows and follows.

It annoys me in the individual that each a├â┬▒o gives parchados games to us, with new scenes or campa├â┬▒as and that is handled to price of t├âtulo original ($70 USD). ├éBy qu├â┬ę? surely because many of you loved readers you grew in an atmosphere similar to mine, where map packs was gratuitous, the expansions cost half that the game bases and the patches were a forced service of the developer to the user and who now seems quite the opposite.

├éCall of Duty? Same engine, different place but to multiplayer and id├â┬ęntico system of experience. ├éRock Band 2? new setlist. ├éGuitar Hero WorldTour? Pffff already jugu├â┬ę Band Rock and the restrictions of the MIDI in the 360 not even invites to me to buy it. ├éFor Need Speed? this tax exemption convirti├â ┬│ in hazmereir that once it was Ridge Racer. The games of sports are mere updates to the groups and peque├â┬▒as modifications to tecnolog├âa of a├â┬▒o previous.

If the times of development went majors to two años, the studies would work under an iterative scheme and Electronic Arts or Activision would stop less existing (or they would be bought by Google-Valve) the end user gastarÃa and jugarÃa mÃs.

ÂIt is much to ask?

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