The complex thing of presenting a project of design of games in the University

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On May 22, 2009

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The games design is something into what I have been put last years, perhaps not of finished time for the quantity of work that I have, nevertheless I decided that it is time to put it like priority if it is that I want that he helps me to pay the accounts of my old age. I did adjustments in my work study: I placed my two basic books at the head: Bums of Play and Fundamentals of Game Design (Ernest Adams) as well as a series of printed matter that I have of level design. Everything in order to gives starter to the new integral project (thesis, final project, as you want to call him) of my Graphic design career in the UAM.

Being conscious that the task was not simple yesterday I presented an initial proposal taking the emotional manipulation as a topic across the level design. After an explanation thoroughly of how trying to manipulate the user across the situations design in virtual spaces, the adviser concluded that it was something too ambitious to land. Under the argument that “the hyper-realistic games of now are late 10 years in be doing and two thousand persons need and million dollar” the proposal tried to get about to the freezer. Afortunádamente was prepared by an argument that the level design is an integral discipline and everything is not in the games development. With this I understood 3 things:

  • You have to be sure of what you want to do and to communicate it so that they all should understand.
  • Negotiating is basic, since it is possible that your idea does not spend the filter. If it does not happen for ignorance questions (since in the University) you have to negotiate in such a way that you go out winning. The point of the communication is key, if they buy to you the idea in the first point, there will be few things to be negotiated.
  • That does not gain you the passion. It is common that, on having spoken about a topic that you dominate or he excites you be able to lose the sanity putting yourself the fanboy blindfold in the eyes. Yesterday I avoided the caffeine, slept well and my nerves (or fanaticism) made them kept at home.

In a university as the UAM Azcapotzalco, where the video games are understood by animation, things of engineering or clubs where the nerds meet, it is logical that it is difficult to land a project of design of games. The teachers believe that it is a dumb love for children or flatly they raise so much the profession of the developer who is impossible for the mortal student to gain access to a project of this type.

It is not important that there is a student chapter of the IGDA or that the University is interested in getting into the program of Pro Media, neither it is important that Bums of Play and another six books of design and development are in the library. The projects that have to do with video games will always be difficult to authorize, not impossible but yes difficult while the teachers and advisers continue with a mentality 1.0.

The following week presented the case accompanied by visual references and information that it endorses that I can execute the project without mishaps.

PD. This post did to half a quake of 5.9 grades of azotó the Mexico City to himself

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May 22nd, 2009 at 2:54 pm

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