Nintendo podrÃa to show its new mañana DS

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1 Oct 2008

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In agreement with a Japanese source of MCV, Nintendo estarÃa to show to its new DS dÃa of mañana. During the últimas weeks ³ n was being rumored about this new “actualizaciÔ that includes one cÃmara and functions multimedia as reproduccià ³ n of MP3 nevertheless little we know of the specifications of new portÃtil.

The forced question is Âin truth we needed another DS? I say, is clear to me that the DS podrÃa to fall in the heading of “everything-in-one” (like the cellular ones) that to end of accounts no funcià ³ n is operated to mÃximo. If they do not create to me they see specs of cÃmaras, I create better leaves to buy a Nikon D60 that a cellular one with half of megapixeles. The same happens with the part of audio ÂCuÃntos of you you use its PSP to listen to its música.

The new safe console estarÃavailable for Christmas y S.A. ±ade to grÃn repertoire of packages and special editions that exist in the market.


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