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The content generated by the user in the videojuegos is not something new for which we have happened playing (and creating) during the últimos 15 años in the PC. For console it is a subject that has begun to take force and to verify it [...] is enough to turn around to see games like Unreal Tournament for 3 PS3

Plastic Wax is a study of animacià ³ n with ample experience in the development of cinemas for games. Between its clients they are 2k Games with Bioshock and Borderlands, Eidos with Tomb Raider: Anniversary and but recently Relic with the trailer to announce Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2.
In CGSociety is artÃculo of [...]

For that never they played Fallout, the project designà Goes Buren was the name whereupon Black Isle ³ the development of Fallout 3 before Interplay decided to cancel the development. The prototype of tecnologÃa that usarÃa Fallout 3 filtrà ³ recently mÃs of año to the network, nevertheless already is [...]

Havok made official the launching of sixth versi├â ┬│ n of his popularmiddleware which comes with a pair from m├â ┬│ dulos new: Cloth and Destruction. First of these servir├âto equip the personages with clothes to behave like its real counterpart and tambi├â┬ęn podr├âto be used in other elements like flags, curtains and virtually in [...]

Activision Blizzard, due├â┬▒a of the rights to produce games of James Bond until the 2014 him ocurri├â ┬│ ÔÇťshiningÔÇŁ the idea to give to us each a├â┬▒o a game of Bond. And I say of way sarc├â to itstica because this leaves to a side innovaci├â ┬│ n and its place occupies the maquila.
This news, [...] is not surprise

CDVUploaded interview by GameDevelopmentMagazine.comsan
s├âpast ford I had to char it with Jos├â┬ę Eduardo Ter├ân (yayo pa' cuates), person in charge of the Club of Developer of Videojuegos of UNITEC Atizap├ân. Although I every day speak with Yayo (he is compa├â┬▒ero of work) this time we wanted to make something but serious, to show a little filosof├âa of [...]

The video is part of the 25 DVD of anniversary of Capcom that comes with the Famitsu magazine of this month and in which we can see the process of animacià ³ n of the main personage, asà like the effects of light of the new motor grÃfico. Must Have

NCsoft anuncià ³ that utilizarÃtecnologÃa of the Unreal Engine 3 for ximos his prà ³ two games in line. Epic and NCsoft reached an agreement in which compañÃa developer of massive games obtendrÃall the updates of immediate way to implement them to the projects.
NCsoft already has experience with tecnologÃa Unreal since Lineage [...]

Perhaps many of you you work with textures, or for algún model in 3D or to apply them directly in algún publisher of levels as the UnrealED or the QeRadiant and knows the time that it consumes to obtain that the object to which they are applied it is similar which they wish to represent. There is worse no [...]

Todd McFarlane and R.A. Salvatore together in a project is something too good like being certain, but it is it. 38 Studios is compa├â┬▒├âa responsible to develop ÔÇťthe MMOG of Todd McFarlaneÔÇŁ and that today official did the announcement of which utilizar├ân tecnolog├âa Australian BigWorld to carry out it.
BigWorld is a suite of [...]

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