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17 Sep 2008

Peter Moore

The recent declarations of Peter Moore (EA remember) me to those of Phill Harrison or Ken Kutaragi in their beautiful times like masterminds of Sony. For much Moore admitià ³ not to have been the arm executor of the Dreamcast, to put themselves to tú by tú with Yuji Naka or to assure that the cost hard disk fué the cause by which Microsoft lost as much money.

In one it interviews with The Guardian, Moore, in his paper of diva dià ³ the luxury to despise the quality of a study like Rare when admitting that “their abilities do not fit in the present market”. Según Moore, Rare is looking for to revivir old clÃsicos trying to recreate the glorious años of compañÃa and fué right razà ³ n by which Microsoft invirtià ³ one adds impressive of money.

- “They are excellent people, nevertheless their abilities are of another time and place and lamentably does not apply to the present market”. -

là is onestima that Moore is burned of such way when diminishing to a study that estÃin constant búsqueda of new experiences of jugabilidad. We remember that everything is not Madden, Fifa or for Need Speed; the industry estÃentering a vicious circle with annual tax exemptions that give to little margin to innovacià ³ n. If to this then Moore talks about if, there is no place for studies that look for to offer something different and not the same product with slight “adjustments”.

I ask qué as much interference had Moore at the time when allowing (to force) that sent tÃtulo incomplete like Perfect Dark Zero. Qué fÃcil to speak and to wash the hands.

The complete interview in pÃgina of The Guardian

VÃa Strategy Informer

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