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19 Sep 2008


The subject of the DRM in Spore has become a ballast for Electronic Arts, for sample is enough the ÔÇťfault of the systemÔÇŁ in Amazon that mysteriously quit├â ┬│ the system of ranking by a time to avoid that ┬│ n of purchase affected of negative form decisi├â.

Today compa├â┬▒├âa had to double to the hands (not like quisi├â┬ęramos) and anunci├â ┬│ that ser├âpossible to have up to 5 identities with a single game, a measurement to solve the problem of which other members of the family are affected when wanting to play with their own account. Equally compa├â┬▒├âa estar├âa working in a patch to dissociate a computer in which the game has activated.

PiraterÃa is not fought with DRM, but with measures much mÃs intelligent.

VÃa Gamasutra

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