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20 Sep 2007

Playstation HomeSony has confirmed finally the 3 rumors of the control with vibracià ³ n and DualShock serÃthe name that llevarÃfrom now on the successor of the SixAxis. This news anuncià ³ Kaz Hirai, CEO of SCE, during the previous press conference to the event.

Equally anuncià ³ a delay in its new developing social network, Home, that not verÃthe light but until the spring of año incoming. When questioning him on the delay, Hirai respondià ³:

ÔÇťWe want that this it is a world-wide service, reason why needed to make sure to count on a range of services that satisfy the needs with our users. For that reason we decided to delay it, please are patient.ÔÇŁ

Not mencion├â ┬│ if exist├âa some t├â┬ęcnica fault, nevertheless were made hincapi├â┬ę that Home ser├âa platform that porpone new ideas of businesses like publicity in the game, a virtual commercial center and some others that har├ân p├â┬║blicas in the course of the following weeks. Hirai anunci├â ┬│ that tambi├â┬ęn is working with compa├â┬▒├âas external of the business of the videojuegos for this project.

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