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1 Sea 2008

Neverwinter Nights

He is to me very pleasing to announce that pr├â to them ┬│ ximo 13 of March llevar├âto end a videoconference of dise├â┬▒o of videojuegos in the Technological Institute and Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO) in which participar├âYaron Jacobs, dise├â┬▒ador of Bioware that has participated in t├âtulos like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age. This initiative is on the part of the IGDA M├â┬ęxico and to continuaci├â ┬│ n I copy the mail that recib├â on the part of its coordinator, Jacobo R├âos.

As one of the main goals that have put comit├â┬ę directive of the IGDA M├â┬ęxico for this 2008 est├âimpelling strongly to different the Cap├âtulos Student that they are created throughout pa├âs to trav├â┬ęs of different initiatives that have come gliding and scheming to enrich them and to establish bases the future s├â ┬│ lidas for of the industry in ours pa├âs.

One of these initiatives (between several others) is the one of being able to support to the different student capÃtulos to bring to its universities conferences/factories where people of international stature can share with them (and the rest of the community) her experiences and knowledge, asà because prà ³ ximo Thursday 13 of March llevarÃto end the first (of we wait for many) videoconference in the Tecnolà Institute ³ gico and of Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO), where Yaron Jacobs - Game Designer de Bioware, that has worked in tÃtulos like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age, darÃone plÃtica speaking on diseño of vjuegos.

For the people who cannot attend actually, cap├âtulo student of the ITESO tambi├â┬ęn transmitir├âv├âa Web the conference, as├â is that if ser├âa are interested people good that they began to score.

ÔÇťCreating Diversi├â ┬│ n, Dise├â┬▒ando VideojuegosÔÇŁ
Yaron Jacobs, Game Designer Bioware
(Dragoon Age, Neverwinter Nights)
Thursday 13 of March, 4:00 p.m.
Technological institute and of Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO)
Building W - Room of videoconferences

It is pleasant much to me to receive this type of the news. As soon as est├â┬ę available the URL of the conference har├â┬ę to know itself.

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