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13 Sea 2008

Spore iPhone

Now it is that since announcement the SDK for iPhone all the compa├â┬▒├âas est├ân interested in developing for that platform, of less EA already mostr├â ┬│ demo than ser├âa Spore, being useful the ÔÇťadvantagesÔÇŁ hardware. I read in Gamasutra that Apple has entered little m├âs of 100, 000 unloadings of the 4 SDK since fu├â┬ę sent does d├âas.

Namco anunci├â ┬│ versions of PacMan and Galaga, PopCap did the own thing with Zuma and Bejeweled and I announce my total indifference, not without first to leave a video them than ser├âSpore in its version ÔÇťcrapPhone ÔÇť.

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