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More of Ninja Gaiden, now touches him the shift to new Ninja Gaiden DS. in the video we can see a demonstration (with everything and stylus) of the movements of attack and Ninpo that we will be able to achieve in the portable one of Nintendo.
Without words again … this is must have.

Before to the TGS 2007, Tomonobu Itakagi, leader of Team Ninja and person in charge of the development of sagas like Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, did the exclusive presentation of his new baby: Ninja Gaiden II. The consequence of one of the best games developed till now (at level concept, history and execution of gameplay) will be [...]

According to the map of the event we can observe that Sony will be provided with the biggest space during next Tokyo Game Show, from September 20 until September 23. He is followed by Square Enix and other companies like NAMCO BANDAI, Konami, Sega as Tecmo Inc and Microsoft (with similar spaces this two last ones).
Tokyo Game [...]

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