What does the games designer do?

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On June 10, 2008

Game Design

We begin for the question: what is the games design?. So simple as this: it is the process that involves the creation of the content and laws of the game. For content I do not refer in specific to an area but to EVERYTHING. In this process, the designer (mastermind, game-god, etc) lands in a document what is the game to detail, the targets, the conditions to go out victoriously, the interaction mechanisms, etc.

One of the principal problems which I meet is that the people believe that the Design of Games has relation with the artistic part, I joust as they think that a graphic designer is someone who can use the Adobe suite. There is an infinity of myths, as with the term “developer“ but is here the reality (in accordance with Roger E Pedersen)

A games designer IS NOT a programmer
A games designer IS NOT a graphic artist
A games designer IS NOT a composer or ing. in audio
A games designer IS ONE Visionary *

The role of the designer is to support a fluid communication with all the areas, it is necessary that his vision of the game is sufficiently egg white like so that the programmer thinks about what code line he needs for the IA of the enemies, that the artist defines what texture is necessary for the dismal ambience of the level or that the musician knows that it will apply sound effects to the písadas.

The difference between a good designer and someone who only has a grand idea ready to be the game of the year takes root in the form like this one she is landed and raised to the whole team. From the producers up to the developers, the idea must be an egg white and lose consistency.

While simpler, better ;)

*Game Design Foundations, Roger E. Pedersen

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