The lesson that Crysis leaves

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On September 14, 2008

Crysis Warhead

Crysis has been a good experiment for Crytek; not only it shows to be the most impressive graphic engine to the date (at visual level and in physics) but also it has qualifications as one of the games is more torrenteados from his exit (400, 000) or of being one of the most demanding concerning requests.

It seems that the company has not thought it very much on having decided that the new expansion, Crysis: Warhead, it will be able to move to 30fps in a team of approximately $ 700 USD and we have surprised it with the news about that in the middle of September both games (Crysis and the expansion) will be available in Steam for a suggested cost of $ 70 USD (in bundle).

The question is: will it work?. It is an interesting strategy and of less the system of ratification of Steam it is much better than the attempts driven to despair by EA to brake the Spore piracy nevertheless what we need how he is consumers that the publishers deal first that the game fulfills the quality standards before putting it in a shelf. At the end of accounts the piracy is not what is finishing with the market of PC but the bad games.

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