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Last Saturday I had a chat with José Eduardo Terán (yayo pa’ the friends), responsibly for Club Developers' for Video games of UNITEC Atizapán. Although I speak with Yayo every day (he is a coworker) this time we wanted to make something more serious, to show a little the philosophy of [...]

Due to the developers' increasing demand that exists on the market, Sony has done what it must have done many years ago: to offer kits of development of Playstation and PSP the universities that offer courses of programming of video games. This new program is known as Playstation-edu and is focused to that the potentials [...]

The industry of the video games is strange in these days; the vision of the development model has been darkened by the distribution model and now the times they adapt themselves in accordance with the interests (and fortitude) of the publishers. As consumers we are fucked, subordinated to “what it sells” and not to “what it entertains”.

If Stalin was living through insurance it would be gliding like defending itself from the invaders of the space, just person as Reagan when he suggested the initiative SDI over there in 1983 (after Star Wars saw). Although Stalin does not live, it is possible to carry out a battle directing the native mother in his battle against the Martians [...]

The video games do not serve only like recruiting tool, lately we have seen that governments of many countries use simulators to train to his safety bodies. A recent case was a Full Spectrum Warrior, who was designed by Pandemic to train the soldiers in combat tactics in team.
Now it touches the shift of [...]

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