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This way does it dictate the rule? In all sides they speak that the Mexicans we are huevones, clever and that only we try to see the way of fucking. The curious thing is that the previous thing comes from the mouth of the same Mexican since never - of less in 9 years that I take treating with the people of other countries - [...]

So mysterious one “new I arrange” of new Guitar Hero (World Tour) it turned out to be in fact a functionality for the option of Music Studio. In the versions of PS3 and XB 360 it will be possible to import tracks MIDI to Music Studio thanks to a patch that will be free in the week of the throwing of the game.
The problem with [...]

Forming new hardware

In: General

On July 13, 2008

In the last weeks I touched fund on having connected my laptop to the monitor of the PC thanks to the fact that I sold my videocard to a friend. In fact only he was looking for a pretext to raise the team and I happened to the task (once again) of reading critiques in Anandtech and Guru3D about [...]

Monolokis to the sale

In: Design | General

On May 11, 2008

In this blog the same we speak about video games that of design and art therefore it is pleasant to me in informing them that my premium (if, which many ask to present them) is already selling his monitos in the kitsch shop of The Sensational one (in Guadalajara).
After a sale "ondergraun" quite good in [...]

A few weeks ago I listened of the contest to Game of Talent, destined to promote the video games development in Mexico for Gabriel Grinberg and with support of the Treasury Department, Microsoft, Autodesk and the UIA (between others). The targets of the contest are:
1. To assemble in virtual forums and attend creators, developers, academicians, potential clients and [...]

Another meme

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6 Apr 2008

A meme more, this time of my friend WeskA‘:
1. To take the most nearby book, to go to the page 18 and to transcribe the line 4:
“To create a perfect creature in role or even to sculpt it in clay before sitting down opposite to your computer …” Mayan Techniques: Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation
2. It counts the last thing that it dresses in the TV.

Harmonix, the responsible team of developing Guitar Hero and Rockband, demanded Activision (of less for a few hours) for 14.5 million dollars in privileges for Guitar Hero III, nevertheless later he announced to himself that the arrangement llevaía finished out of the courts.
The dealing of Harmonix and Activision contemplates two types of payments: [...]

Ok ok, the title is tendentious, nevertheless Daily Mirror brings that when it refers to a recent study in which the Britons prefer to play, surf the internet or see TV instead of having sex. This is part of the most popular activities that are realized in the bed, in which [...]

Ok ok, is this title more how of forward but who cares? it is my blog and my friend Wire so spent it to me, I will share it with you, my darlings reading two.
1. In some moment of my life I wanted to be an engineer, I was dressing myself as such and even was programming.
2. The smoke of the cigaret bothers me.
3. A patrol [...]

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