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28 Feb 2008

Lost Route Domus

Before generating polemic if I declare my taste for the Lost, although perhaps it does not come at the levels nerds of comparing it with others saying “House is better because bla bla bla”, nevertheless to speak about a video game ….ahhh, I try to avoid it as well as I avoid to buy every video game that they throw along with a movie.

The history does not lie and has demonstrated that 90 % of the video games based on movies does not exceed 7 of qualification (another 10 % insurance belongs to those of LOTR that did EA) and worse even if we speak about “movies based on video games” because THEY ALL border on the mediocrity. Although LOST is a series of TV, also a modality exists

Alias it did not go on from 64, Desperate Housewives of 61 and the game of 24 walks on the same numbers: Might we wait for anything similar? The answer is “Perhaps if, perhaps not”. In contrast to most of the games based on other series, Lost: Route Domus is being developed by a solid study called Ubisoft Montreal, which has in his credit qualifications Splinter Cell or Prince of Persia with the same technology used in GRAW 2: the YETI Engine. But on the other hand we have to base a game on an exemption it is a limitante for the designer and few ones are those who extract profit, giving major weight to the jugabilidad than to the plot.

The game is already free in the shops of USA and in these days we will see the reactions of the specializing press. If they ask me, 8 are the maximum thing that might reach, if they ask a sure fanboy he will say to them that “it is grand that a game exists in the what one be able to interact with the personages of the series”.

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