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On June 7, 2008

Alternative 3D

For years we have looked for alternatives to represent content in 3D in Flash, from simulations (isometric) by means of coordinates up to generating the proper animations in Mayan or Movie theater 4D (or the software that they use). The problem is that, what we want is one 3D completely interactive and not a simple movieclip.

After Papervision 3D I had not been surprised so much how it was with this new graphic engine called Alternative 3D. Developed by a Russian team, the bookstore is free in a free way for not commercial projects.

There is a pair of demos: the first called "bunker" in which we can move to the style FPS in a quite well-known industrial ambience and another called "tempering" which sample what it is possible to do for virtual trips in architecture.

Alternative 3D

The specifications of this motive sound:

* Signs system — alone necessary calculations
* BSP — polygons classification for quality
* Support for n-gons
* Reusable layers (only they change the regions that re-show, the polygons are independent)
* Objects hierarchy
* Only the counterfoils and cordenadas necessary for the mapeo UV
* Correction of perspective - dynamic Triangulation
* Collisions detection.

I imagine in a nearby future what it will be possible to do with a FPS in the browsers

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