Lost Odyssey + Unreal Tournament = Huxley

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On June 8, 2008

To this title it was necessary to me to add a touch of Gears of War since Kevin Riepl will be the manager of musicalizar this new MMOFPS. Not you but the idea of a massive one in the first person has always seemed very complex to me of executing, it is something that Planetside (SoE) tried some years ago, nevertheless it is possible that the community that we like the shooter is so grasped by us to the conventional battles that we can associate the alone "massive" term with a RPG.

The true thing is that this Korean MMOFPS will appear this year for Xbox 360 and PC since NHN USA, daughter company of the provider of bigger Internet of Korea, announced a few days ago that green light has to distribute this game at the end of year in North America. Huxley will be provided with two races (Sapiens and Alternative) and battles that go from the typical one 1Vs1 up to 60Vs60 or 100Vs100 (only in the PC). According to the company, the version of Xbox 360 will include a way “history“ (WTF!). Both versions run under the last version of Unreal Engine.

Judging by the trailer and the images of the place HuxleyGame.com, the game seems to have a graphic treatment and speed of game similar to Unreal Tournament, with an oriental touch that is alike a little the scenes of Lost Odyssey. Only I hope that it should expire with the quality standard that many massive Koreans handle since this might be the spearhead for the distribution of this type of games in console. The question is: is the public who plays consoles prepared for a massive one?

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