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10 Aug 2008


Three weeks ago I began a project which had already wanted to begin to walk from hacía some months. With support of the UAM Azcapotzalco we begin an introduction workshop to the video games design that each one consists of two weekly meetings of hour and a half.

The target of this workshop is to introduce the people to the process of pre-production that needs a video game and of step to break all the existing myths about the position of the designer. Most of the assistants are students of Design of the Graphic Communication nevertheless the doors are opened to any student of another discipline (we have had engineers and one that another sociologist round there).

The relation with the methodology that we use on having solved a problem of "conventional" design and a game is immediate since both are communication objects. That has helped all they sit down in a family circle and be able to handle the same language that they use in the career. We rest of texts, text exercises and shortly we will begin with the part of prototypes (physicists and of software).

There are good ideas of the ardent people and with desire of learning … I hope to show them soon the results.

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