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On November 19, 2007

Canadian Forces: Direct Action

The video games do not serve only like recruiting tool, lately we have seen that governments of many countries use simulators to train to his safety bodies. A recent case was a Full Spectrum Warrior, who was designed by Pandemic to train the soldiers in combat tactics in team.

Now it touches the shift of the police of Canada, which by means of G7 Training Enhacement has developed a modification for SWAT 4 called Canadian Forces: Direct Action. This mod takes advantage of the tactical options of the original game and glides posicionarse like a key tool in the training of the police forces in USA and Canada.

As any mod is of free distribution, he unburdens himself of the official page, weighs some 650MB and needs that you have the original game installed to be able to work. Also there exists a pair of contacts (USA and Canada) in case of needing assistance or for training effects.

I wonder if in Mexico we might apply a program of this type. The last thing that I knew is that in the GOPES (the body elite of the previous PFP) Rainbow Six of Xbox was played very much.

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