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On June 8, 2009


I had not taken the time to offer status of the project, perhaps many of you who follow me in Twitter have seen some sketches in the last days. The reason is that the project is accepted, in fact it was accepted for one week, regrettably there crossed the E3, the WWDC and I had not time to liberate it officially. For those who do not know about what carajos I speak, I presented a proposal of integral project to be entitled in the UAM, it is something like what in other universities is known as “a Thesis“, afortunádamente here I do not have to shoot to myself thousand ochomil pages of annoying theory but present a design project.

The proposal is a content bundle descargable (DLC) for the game Unreal Tournament 3. Why? The first reason: I love the games design, believe that it is something that has been in me long ago, nevertheless it had not taken the minutes to land a project, to document it as it is necessary and to execute it in an established period of time.

The DLC is provided with three maps for multiplayer including different game forms, there is a stage of conceptualization, followed by the process of bocetaje and papers of every map product of the multiple materials that I have obtained in all this time. The project one will work under a design methodology iterativo, every map will be proved up to reaching the target in jugabilidad (fluency, distribution of spaces and weapon).

At present the first map is in conceptualization stage, I am reading very much to William Gibson and Phillip K Dick. With this fact and the following images they can have an idea of the way towards which I go. ;)

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June 8th, 2009 at 10:42 pm

There is kitchen boy Tun-Tun who saw you! if more you have the expensive hand. :P


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