Stalin against the Martians

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27 Apr 2008

Stalin Vs Martians

If Stalin was living through insurance it would be gliding like defending itself from the invaders of the space, just person as Reagan when he suggested the initiative SDI over there in 1983 (after Star Wars saw). Although Stalin does not live, it is possible to carry out a battle directing the native mother in his battle against the Martians in the video game that takes the same name as this post.

Stalin against the Martians is a game developed by three Russian studies (Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-game) and he affirms to be the mitigation to those who hate the strategy games. The proposal is to give him emphasis to the action more than to the resources, which practically do not exist (only there is power ups in the map).

The history is located in the summer of 1942, when the Martians land in Siberia and begin a surprising attack against the native mother. Stalin finds out and decides to command the attack personally; the operation is completely confidential. In accordance with the developers, the Martians look like a version milksop of the cardboard-like personages of Nintendo.

The date of exit is fixed for autumn and we will wait to see more details or videos of the jugabilidad.

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