Opinion: To favor of the publishers?

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28 Apr 2008

Kane and Lynch

The industry of the video games is strange in these days; the vision of the development model has been darkened by the distribution model and now the times they adapt themselves in accordance with the interests (and fortitude) of the publishers. As consumers we are fucked, subordinated to “what it sells” and not to “what it entertains”.

The publisher has taken a more active role and he is now when it dictates the way of the industry. The age of the Ferraris and the long hair has changed and now we have a generation of oficinistos with gray suit who only know of numbers and not precisely what the final user needs.

Companies as Electronic Arts eat up to the small studies and little by little they eliminate them; the millionaire projects prevail and year by year we have to get rattled the same dose of exemption of games in the first person or of sports.

Wonder a little: Was Cúando the last time that a version of Tony Hawk was entertaining us? Why could not Splinter Cell snatch the scepter from MGS?. Without entering a fanboys discussion I conclude that it is for the avarice of the publisher and a clear example is Activision with his most popular exemption. Why is it imperative that there is Guitar Hero, Call of Duty or Tony Hawk every year?

It has been proved that Call of Duty 3 spent unnoticed while Call of Duty 2 and 4 was reasons of buy of a Xbox 360. Guitar Hero has been prostituido in such a way that we do not know how many versions will be for this year. At the end of accounts the publisher does and undoes in these days, has the resources to be in charge in the industry and we like consumers are allowing it.

Another face of the currency is the movement indie; projects generated by two or three persons who recapture the model of work of beginning of the eighties. Simple ideas, a time of development not bigger than six months like that a minimal investment is proving that need from themselves neither two years nor 15 million dollars to be recognized by the criticism like an innovative proposal.

The problem of the movement indie is that we are small that we enjoy this proposal. Small or void diffusion and a losing mentality of most of videojugadores that shut themselves up to what offers them one, two or three consoles is a factor so that they happen unnoticed.

We must understand that a game is not good alone because you read of in Gamespot or IGN or because the graphic engine contains million lines of code and simulates to the perfection the reality (although the reality is that you do not have the team necessary to cover it).

A change of mentality is needed if it is that we want to be participants of a change in this industry. At the end of accounts, we are who we have kept her current for 30 years.







World of Goo



Empyreal Nocturne

And there is one more score …

2 Responses to Opinion: To favor of the publishers?


José Eduardo Terán

April 28th, 2008 at 9:51 pm

Excellent criticism. As many independent developers we know: the avarice of the Publishers to taken to our "moral" failure that we want to stand out in the industry creating new and important technological innovations. If they do not believe us, see the model WalMart.

It is of making to notice that the industry on a global scale of video games moves under a frame of good investment and capital, that's why it is THE industry. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the small and emergent producers are not participants of the same one. With this I mean that it is necessary that there above they realize what we are doing.

They must change his current business model if they want to keep on growing. I would change it for: the union does the force.

We want to develop video games; make way and allow us to grow.


José Eduardo Terán

April 28th, 2008 at 9:54 pm

Now: what do we need in Mexico?

- Leaders
- Determination
- I am employed at team

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