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On September 15, 2008

Game Career Guide

If it is interesting to you to develop video games or to be employed at the industry “winning therefore more you like doing” of course you have visited infinity of forums in Spanish where sometimes they tend to misinform you more than to solve your doubts. The first thing that you must do is to wonder: “what do you like?” ó: “what facilitates you to itself?” It is possible that your answers are “to play Aura 3 every day for 4 hours” and “to obtain the first kills place in Team Deatmatch”. If it is this way of that time better you prepare yourself to be a Pro-Gamer and come to all the events of World Cyber Games that are realized in our country.

I did these questions on having begun the workshop of design of games in the UAM and realized the specific thing that the assistants became on having said: "I am interested in the narrative”, “the personages' development”, “the level design” or “the campaigns of means that are behind every game”. This is an interesting step because there is a niche for each of them inside the industry, the only thing who need to know it is the requisites to be able to apply to one job in a nearby future.

The problem of asking in forums is that if you are lucky to fall down in one of programmers the surest thing is that they say to you the computer languages that you need to learn. If you fall down in one of conceptual art of that time they say to you what you need a background in very strong illustration. If yours is to generate macros of excel for the test processes then none of the previous recommendations he must be interested.

If flatly you do not have absolutely anything of information and want to know the labor camps that exist in the industry then I recommend to you two options (both in English). The first one is to gain access to the place, which one has a section for beginners with enough information of the areas that shape the industry, sections of questions and answers for parents and students and even up to a guide of wages (for USA).

The second one is to unload the last number of Game Career Guide (autumn of 2008) to that you can gain access in a free way from this link. The magazine is edited by the staff of the place of the same name and it is part of the publications of Think Services (together with Game Developer Magazine). If your English knowledge is small or void I recommend to do of a course as soon as possible since most of the material of design and development of games are in this language.

In case that you want to know of some area in specific leave a comment to us and we will try to face you of the best way ;)

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