Game of Talent: thank you but not, thank you

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On May 5, 2008

A few weeks ago I listened of the contest to Game of Talent, destined to promote the video games development in Mexico for Gabriel Grinberg and with support of the Treasury Department, Microsoft, Autodesk and the UIA (between others). The targets of the contest are:

1. To assemble in virtual forums and attend creators, developers, academicians, potential clients and public in general of the sector of the animation, multimedia and video games of the country and of the foreigner.

2. To detect, to promote and to stimulate the creation, design and development of animation and video games.

3. To create a forum of expression where the developers share experiences, ideas and works.

4. To qualify the developers in the use of more technical advanced posts of animation in the world.

5. To offer a methodology of incubation and business acceleration that allows to the new developers to turn into successful businessmen.

Since they see it can sounds quite interesting, in fact for many of us that we still have faith in which we do not have to emigrate to another country to develop video games. The problem with this contest is that he enjoys awful planeación, beginning for the same bases.

The target is to develop a history, which will have to be creative enough as to be executed in a video game. It is necessary to deliver a storyboard and a shooting sheet which will be judged by a “select jury” who will determine if you enter a process of “virtual Reality Show” where the public will continue step by step the process of “planeación-development“ (?).

Indications they will give you to you and your team, which will must continue and at the end of the established period one will determine if they were fulfilled or not. Here I do not understand what the public is going to judge: your idea? your initial storyboard? or it will be a reality of 6 months or more of the whole development process. The problem here is that the opinion of the public does not count in the end since the jury determines who continues and who not.

If desire, you become deserving of a "financing" to develop your project. We do not know if they refer to the rachitic award of 30,000 weight (that scarcely reaches for a team of calculation) or if developer will spend your project to hands of any study. The users ask if skills are needed like programming, design, etc to compete what the organizers answer with a round one: NO

This is an invitation to the public who plays to that I flooded us with an indiscriminate quantity of histories, entire it is not necessary to know how a video game develops but of delighting us with his "script" of what should be the next end fantasy. The answer for all esllos is the same that Ken Levine (Bioshock) gave in the GDC 08: "The bad news is, for storytellers: nobody cares about your stupid story

In a contest as these, where one thinks about how to generate ideas for a video game, histories are not needed, but well landed design documents. It is necessary that you tell how this history adapts itself to a video game, of what way, how it is played, what the target is, what the conditions are to win or to lose, etc. The requisites of Game of Talent seem more for a contest of animation than for one of video games.

It is a sorrow that the organizers do not take the trouble to find out and any more sorrow it gives me that so prestigious sponsors exist in a contest that does for defeat. Well there says my father that if you fail in gliding, then you glide to fail.

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Alfonso Velázquez

July 23rd, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Hello: how are you?

I would like being able to contact you, he writes to my mail so that he could answer you.

Thousand thank you.

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