How does the level of a gamer measure itself?

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On September 17, 2008

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With the permission of my friend V3N0M I reproduce the last post of his blog of a complete way:

Chatting with friends across the Messenger me a question arose: how does the level of a gamer measure itself?. I refer to how to be able to classify it as chance or hardcore, or like knowing if it is good or bad.

There are children or very young lads who do not have idea of the history of the consoles, which began to play with a Xbox 360 or one PS3 but they have the natural skill him 4 wins all in Aura 3 or Call of Duty, even to experienced veterans who have played from the epochs of Pong and who have had in his credit all the existing platforms.

Also there are those who have hundreds of games and his friends and acquaintances presume them between, but that do not manage to finish not the only one. The games buy the same day of his throwing and only they prove it for a few hours until they have another innovation, and this way successively.

On the other hand at present, and thanks to the idea implemented by Microsoft, the players base very much on GamerScore del Xbox 360. For many the points quantity in your gamercard reflects your skill level, and the truth is that this is not not close to the reality. There are some of them who buy or rent games only to extract the points, they even investigate in Internet the way of unblocking them easily and instead of savouring the alone game think about how to increase his personal punctuation (about this I will speak already more extended in another post).

Anyway, I believe that a real gamer is that that it amuses itself and enjoys a game, that one for which it is not important that it neither is most promoted, that it does not even sell millions in his first day, not much less that I "gave" you 1000 points. Gamer is that that it understands and appreciates a title, and that it plays for fun, not for obsession.

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