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On November 18, 2008

After several advances of Max Payne I decided to bet him a little and to give him an opportunity, not without earlier reinstalling and playing it of beginning. The bad thing of this is that you stick too much in the slightly similar history and hope, or of less that it should not be so crazy of the original version.

The problem is that with the script of a game as Max Payne you do not even have to alter it so that to do a digestible movie. The history enters perfectly a mafia movie, the personage fits with the hollywood stereotype (wey traumado, recluse) and you have elements to exploit (painkillers, bullet I stole) then? Simply take the least important elements (junkies, northerly mythology) and them handle like key point of the movie.

WTF! And does the bullet steal? The painkillers? do not fuck me! Max Payne has a few hallucinations weighed enough after a dose of V is refined, but also it has his traumatic trips and it is not necessary to take drugs a prostitute's son to turn and to kill to half a building. Why? For the simple reason of seeing his wife and son dead … Max Payne is bad motherfucker for default.

The assault to Aesir Plaza is the prime opera to the violence: bullet steal, berettas and painkillers: Where did it stay? Did they omit it for the references to Matrix? Boss B.B.? WTF! They had only to play a few hours to understand that the adaptation was not a thing of another world (not that was Dead or Alive).

The movie only has three things rescatables: photo, setting and Olga Kurylenko (only a few minutes). Out of this it is any tape palomera of Wednesday, suitable for the “chance public”.

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