BitRaider defies the logic of digital distribution

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On September 15, 2008


It has been one month since I put myself to the test Steam and Direct2Drive, on having bought some games nevertheless, both are provided with a detail that is not partly a fault of the program but of the connection of every user: to hope that the game should stop unburdening itself to be able to prove it. If we speak that the average of a game at present is of 6-8GB of that time we have to invest an entire day for the discharge.

BitRaider, a new system of digital distribution created by the founder of GarageGames Jay Moore, believes that the best thing is that the user begins to play once 10 % unburdens himself while the remainder completes route stream. In accordance with Royal O'Brien, CEO of BitRaider, the challenge does not consist only to generate an invisible discharge system but it must complement itself with a fluid experience at the time of playing, without turning out to be affected by the form as the rest is unburdening itself.

It is a very ambitious system that as his creators aim: "it might change the course of the digital distribution”, nevertheless it depends much of the speed on connection of the user and of the form as the game is structured. Let's put for example Crysis or CoD4: the game is shaped of folders where they all include maps, textures, sounds, etc, in an independent way who depend on the organization of the client (the feasible one).

The logic so that BitRaider works would dictate that would have to be organized in subsequent bundles (like them pk3 of Quake 3 for example) to be able to be enjoyed without need to wait to unload the whole folder that cannot be used to the beginning of the game. A good idea for that I wait is implemented in a nearby future.

BitRaider was showed during Austin's GDC, this week.

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