Chris Crawford: to the carajo with the graphs, they believe better emotions

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On September 15, 2008

Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford is one of the designers of games that more I respect and joust with comments like “that fuck the graphs, should create better emotions” he makes me think that the new litter of independent developers they will pay attention of these wise words at the time of generating new concepts.

In the opening of the GDC of Austin, Crawford aimed that we go for the wrong way since the games must be “fundamentally of the people, it brings over deinteracciones social, about us”. The graphs go on to background since the important thing the interaction must always be, at the end of accounts “without the interaction we do not have anything” according to Crawford.

At the end of accounts the games consist of a communication system between the player and the software, the dialogue between both is the interaction and if this one is void of that time it would be like sitting down in a Sunday meeting in the morning to listen to a person to speak about his experiences without space to express yours turning into a boring monologue.

A friend was commenting to me the weekend on the annoying thing that the final sequence proves on having destroyed the AT-AT in the demo of Force Unleashed on having summed it up to oppress the correct button in the suitable moment, much in the style of Shenmue. This there am something that inevitably has to change and I hope that Crawford's words should do echo in those that are still to initiate a project.

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