Steam integrates mods to his platform

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On September 29, 2008

Mod Insurgency

In the last years the modifications of games like Half Life, Unreal Tournament or Battlefield have taken such force that some studies - as Splash Damage - have given the definitive step to enter the development market. Companies as Epic has seen the potential of this community and offer for time videotutoriales to dominate his technology, others as Go take years realizing the QuakeCon that, between other things, has served so that several teams amateurs do networking with the company.

Half Life is a separate case; Counter Strike is probably the most popular modification of last years and he is provided with one of the most solid communities of the way. Regrettably his modifications have not counted with the same promotion "fancy" that has the competition. There does not exist a contest similar to “Make Something Unreal” or even decent papers to become a pro of Source Engine.

That's why Valve decided that from now on his distribution platform Steam will begin the integration of modifications of Half Life 2. These will use the hardware of Steamworks that allows to take a record of the statistics and they integrate like any game acquired from the electronic shop. The modifications will appear in the window of “My Games“ and they will be able to be updated in an automatic way like any other title.

The first five mods that will be available are Age of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Insurgency, Synergy, and Zombie Panic; in a future one glides to integrate more projects. Valve said that “it is a recognition to the arduous work that they have done and hope to see more teams of development involved in a future.” To be able to play any of these modifications it is necessary to be provided with a legitimate copy of Half Life 2, in case of not having it they can acquire it straight in Steam for $ 19.99.

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