The Everton FC will use Football Manager 09 as tool of recruiting

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On November 17, 2008

Football Manager is a winning exemption in many aspects, the pretender has taken the palms for many years to the being of “handling of soccer” more finished that exists. I joust there they have put the eye the "toffees" and have signed an agreement with Sports Interactive to use it like scouting tool.

It seems that the Everton FC will use it like players' database since it includes little more than 370 thousand professionals of approximately 20 thousand teams about the world (distributed in 50 countries), each one with detailed statistics. It is the biggest database in the world and hence, a tool of excellent recruiting.

For those that do not have idea of what you can do in this game: Football Manager is an entire pretender for those that we please to go beyond playing with the grouper gamepad. The target is to take the manager's role of the team (tactical and financial) and to go out successfully during several periods. Tactics (at the most detailed level), contracts with players or sponsors up to enlargement of the stadium are alone some of the options that we have available.

What would happen if this was done in our country? Would they believe me if he was saying to them that we might live without players through garbage impelled by the promoters? Only it would be enough to light the PC and to begin fixed to the database to know that players are good and what is his probability of turning into stars. As step it him would serve to the managers of the teams to learn to handle the finance and to mediocre technical staff to propose a better game system.

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November 17th, 2008 at 3:46 pm

your sleep peasant punctures tun tun! xD

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