The importance of coming on time

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16 Dec 2008

Too Human

To come late is always a problem and as such, it transports consequences. Not you but I have stopped believing in this appointment of "better late than never". Have they ever come late to an appointment? if his fiancée is sure it gets angry, if it is with a sure client they lose it and if it is a sure game lose … the hype, million dollars or credibility (at all the levels) between other things.

There is an endless list of projects that years have come later, for example Team Fortress 2 that after so much time in hold decides to appear in a moment in which the scene gamer of PC becomes extinct and hence it is not successful that could harvest if it was 2002. Duke Nukem Forever suffers from the same evil.

On the other hand games that turn out to be immersed in polemic as Too Human, which generate so much noise and are late for legal questions; and it is just when we wonder: “so much fart so that they were delivering this garbage? Silicon Knights lost any credibility preferring a legal problem to cover what his study was not capable of resolving. I have not listened to any more studies that demand Epic for Unreal Engine 3

Latin WoW

Now: what happens when a game comes late for language questions, region, etc.? World of Warcraft for example, throws himself to the Latin market after verifying to be a successful exemption on a global scale. The version comes too much late how so that the thousands of Hispanic users decide to change a Latin server. The translation is based on the version of Spain (for not saying that it is the same) but being in Spanish it is not enough, it is much late.

Conan Hyrborian Adventures or Star Wars Galaxies are another example of as solving in a late way the problems. The first one was doing to overthrow WoW, if not of less stealing a considerable users base from him but it came infested from errors, little balance in the classes and the experience forced thousands of users to return to the Blizzard servers. It was hurt and however much it tried to be remedied by means of patches, the first impression was negative and sufficient as so that the people were stopping believing.

In case of Star Wars Galaxies something braver happened. After two years of delay it appeared with a problem: the game was raising things so stupidly correct in the universe that was becoming boring. It was a torture to become a Jedi (I believe that 80 % of users was wishing that) but the times restriction had to put padlocks and only a few they could aspire to this.

After some years in which the people got accustomed to the classes, he bought two expansions and it him was faithful but Sony Online took one of the worst decisions in a massive one: to try to recover the people sacrificing to his current base of active users.


The Ist find your lack of usersdisturbing

The result of the “New Experience” was something that came with too much delay, at the end of accounts it is something that the people wanted in the first 6 months not two years later. The users began to emigrate and in spite of being provided with a million records until this year, the number of persons playing was not exceeding the 10 thousand (less than 20 thousand in a massive one it is considered to be a defeat).

Fable 2Another face of the currency is represented by teams who handle well his times: Epic, Infinity Ward; for others that it does not import what they take since the game is a guarantee concerning quality: Blizzard (at level I develop) Valve or Rockstar Games; or for those directed by persons with wide knowledge of the industry: Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima or the rockstar Itakagi.

In times like these, the decisions are taken by distributors and be or not the correct ones, at the end of accounts they end up by defining the color of the industry every year. The only sector that stays immune is the independent one, nevertheless it is not the sufficiently powerful thing as to receive the attention of those who think that a quality game needs a team of more hundred persons for his development.

4 Responses to The importance of coming on time



December 16th, 2008 at 11:33 pm

Since what can I say? You have the whole reason, that thing about the times it is vital in this fart of the games, and the decision making turns into a little important uber.

Of eggs your article, true and interesting.



December 17th, 2008 at 8:21 am

Kicks Online, for example, had date of issue of July of this year, they have happened five months and even nothing.


Daniel Salinas

December 17th, 2008 at 4:38 pm

Any more of agreement might not be with you. The examples of Too Human and WoW are hard but true. The hype-machine of Dennis Dyack left of control and in addition to the debts it resulted in a game meh. Blizzard simply did not consider the potential of the Latin-American market and now it is already much late; all the persons that I meet that they play WoW have a lot of time in the foreign version and do not think to change to the version in Spanish. Also: what is the kitchen boy an emulation to bring hispanicized versions of the games? A varo saves himself?


December 17th, 2008 at 5:38 pm

Since they would save themselves a varo if they seize the Spanish version, like WoW, but many companies invest in tropicalizar games for the possible sales. There this Fifa and PES that hire Mexicans so that they narrate, put many varo and throw the game in Latin Spanish from a beginning.

"Hispanicizing" is the whole art, it needs of a patience small one, to bear if you have a chief tarado and to be mastermind of excel. You try, try and more tests … nevertheless there are companies well established in Spain that devote themselves to translate games into several languages.

The bad thing is to hispanicize something when the users of X region already take two years playing the version in English. Who would like to change to play in Spanish? Only for love to the language? Sometimes I wonder in how much games Spanish is a decisive buy factor.

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