Crytek buys Free Radical and we all are happy

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4 Feb 2009

Crytek buys Free Radical

It is a sorrow to open the feeds reader and to meet notes of “closes X study” ó “project is cancelled Y“. Quite for a blessed crisis that has the dollar to $ 15 and that mother has come to divide not only in the industry of the entertainment but in many fields.

Fortunately there is good news, like that of Crytek that was done of Free Radical assuring 43 crucial positions of the study responsible for projects like TimeSplitters or Haze. Other studies have not run with this luck and it weighs me to know that many projects have been cancelled (or position in hold).

What will happen with this buy? CryEngine 3 for Haze 2 or the next TimeSplitters? It me sounds quite logically.

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