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Yesterday was chatting with an associate of the "prestigious" Reality of video games that, in the opinion of my friend Wire, looks like more a useless version of “Dancing for a Sleep” that slightly serious. The curious thing of this is that it is supposed that this person is working for "creating" an industry of development of video games [...]

If they remember, last year EA announced the development of Tiberium, a FPS placed in the universe of Command and Conquer which would be developed by EA Los Angeles, the same study that has developed games like Medal of Honor, LOTR BFME or more recently C&C 3: Kane's Wrath.
Such it seems that to the company [...]

In accordance with a Japanese MCV source, Nintendo would be still to show his new DS tomorrow. During the last weeks one was rumorando about this new "update" that there includes a camera and multimedia functions as the reproduction of MP3 nevertheless little we know of the specifications of the portable piece of news.
Her [...]

Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of the most important events inside the industry of development of video games. Every year is carried out in San Francisco and in the last years two more events have been annexed: Austin and Paris. This time touches the shift of Canada, which has an important base [...]

For several months we know that Interplay was on the point of being reborn thanks to the teaser in his website. After concluding with the legal problems, the company has returned to the business and glides to enter the big door with a MMOG (Fallout?), of less that say the document that filed of some time ago in [...]

The topic of the DRM in Spore has turned into a ballast for Electronic Arts, for sample it is enough the “flaw of the system” in Amazon that mysteriously removed the ranking system in a time to prevent from affecting of negative form in the decision of buy.
Today the company had to double the hands (not like [...]

Since it was of be waiting, Microsoft went out in defense of Rare after which Peter Moore was doing so "intelligent" declarations in his interview with The Guardian.
Phil Spencer said that Rare plays a strategic roll in the development of games and new experiences that his users' base has allowed to Microsoft to expand. Spencer was useful for [...]

The recent declarations of Peter Moore (EA) remind me to those of Phill Harrison or Ken Kutaragi in his beautiful times like masterminds of Sony. It makes not Moore great it admitted to have been the executing arm of the Dreamcast, of putting itself to you for you with Yuji Naka or of making sure that the cost hard disk was [...]

During Austin GDC there becomes stronger and stronger the rumor of which Google would be still to buy in any moment Valve. Google has denied to make any comment on this matter therefore the rumor can that a reality is done in the next hours. We know that Valve has one of the models of [...]

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