Contest of design of maps for Call of Duty 4

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6 Feb 2008

CoD4 Radiant

My darlings reading 3, I am not going to lie to them, it is not pubitis from what I suffer, it is simply I am dedicating a little more of time to my love for designing levels for games. Some days ago the call was opened to design a map multiplayer for Call of Duty 4 on the part of Infinity Ward.

The idea of the contest is to arm such an awaited “Community Bonus Pack”, which will be free from April to unload it free. Regularly these bundles see the light only for the PC versions, nevertheless IW has given a track of which it might see the light in Xbox 360 or PS3:

1 - Design your maps around your platform of choice (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3); expert you never know where it could end up.

Up to March 31 I will be posteando some images of the map that I will put to contest.

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February 7th, 2008 at 3:26 pm

JAJAJAJA Pubitis k

Between the pubitis and the straw hats does not stay time to give to the blog.

No, speaking seriously about eggs that you have decided to bring in to him to the contest, and here we will walk to the earring

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