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1 Sea 2008


Many of you perhaps work with textures, be already for some model in 3D or to apply them straight in some level publisher like the UnrealED or the QeRadiant and they know the time that consumes to achieve that the object to which they apply it to themselves is alike what they want to represent. There is no worse thing than a stone texture in the apartment that is alike a carpet.

CrazyBump is a publisher quite easy to use, which needs that you load your texture, once done you will go on to a window in which you will be able to alter the values of the different maps: Normal, Displacement, Occlusion, Specularity and Diffuse. The interesting thing of this there is the option to visualize your texture in real-time, applied to a sphere, cylinder, bucket or even a model to which you want to apply it (he supports.obj.dae.ase and.x)

In the end you will be able to save the whole map of your election or the finished group in format.png, supporting the original size of the texture. The software of Ryan Clark is in beta and it will be free until March 15, they can subscribe to the list of mail or visit the support forum if they have doubts.

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