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On September 14, 2008

During last month I was submitted to the stress of generating a trip in 3D where it will visualize the new system señalético that we design for the Park Tezozomoc in my class of Design of Signs. The problem is that this time was shy and I met in the need to do the cheat and to generate it completely in UnrealED 3.0 (of UT 2004).

The result made me satisfied, nevertheless I could have dedicated a few hours more to detailing the lighting and some parts of the area. This trip was projected in Expo CyAD, an event that realizes every trimester end in my University and was qualified like the best representation of the whole class. The system señalético will be appearing in some of the shop windows that has the UAM in the meter of the Mexico City, nevertheless for questions of license of the engine I decided not to project the video.

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