Another of the DRM: Gears of War (PC)

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30 seed drill 2009

Gears of War

I have been supported to the margin of throwing more shit to him to the DRM because it is already an exhausted topic, it is something that Apple and many companies have understood: the DRM is not the solution to the problems of piracy. The most recent has to do with Gears of War for PC and has just happened to me approximately 20 minutes ago. On having wanted to prove a map that I am working, an error screen throws me saying that I cannot cover the game with “feasible modified”, that I must reinstall.

The first thing that I did was cagarme of laugh since GoW, as Unreal 3 and some other games that I acquire always with a view to modifying them are legal. Continued of cagarme of laugh, I reinstall (erasing cache), I begin again and everything is still equal. Following step, me cago of courage because I looked for this error in the forums of Epic and in my feeds thinking that the flaw takes root in that “the certificate DRM won yesterday“. You excuse my dear reader but …: what SUCKED PROSTITUTE IS THIS???.

Does Epic Games edge me then to modify feasible route GameCopyWorld? Do I have that torrentear the game to avoid this type of things? The true thing is that the people are furious in the forums and they have tried solutions as the clock stepped back in Windows, I wait for a fucked official answer and a patch to solve an infantile error that they should have considered at the time of putting this padlock to the game.

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February 2nd, 2009 at 10:24 pm

I agree with that thing about this super sucking!, epic a deserter has already just earned … there her was great chicken with gears 2 and this multiplayer apestosoide. That I can say to you, I am not put in that thing about the Mods but if I know that at least Epic is one of these famous companies for facilitating this love (together with valve or at least counter strike so he says it) … it seems that they did not like already or simply the cagaron of perfect, absolute, sublime form … lofty.


February 4th, 2009 at 5:27 pm

My fourth reader has said! Epic: DO NOT SUCK ALREADY!!! it is February 4 and continue the error!

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