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Anathema is a short child realized with the engine of Call of Duty 4 (skill known as Machinima) that borders on the perfection. Only it is enough to see the handling of cameras and the dramatism that is generated during the whole video. The author is SgtPadrino and he is, undoubtedly, one of the best short ones in [...]

I apologize for without updating as it had to, but last days I have filled with work and little free time that I have made use of it to read some books that I obtained at the beginning of week in the library of the UAM Azcapotzalco.
In one of those demolished that one avienta to see that it falls down, me [...]

I am still surprised using the Crysis publisher when I am this video of the new Unreal ED. The good news is that Unreal Tournament 3 is already gilded by what will land in the shops at the end of the following month, the bad one is the waiting of one month since they did not include the publisher [...]

Sandbox 2.0

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On November 1, 2007

The Crysis publisher is free to settle inside the folder of the game, once installed it is necessary only to direct to the folder bin32 (where the feasible ones are) to be able to cover it.
Here I leave to them a pair of images of the map Island, have no words to explain the evolution with regard to the first Sandbox (FarCry), they have [...]

The power of Sandbox 2.0, the publisher of Crysis who of course will be included when we buy the game. The video is a demonstration that was done during Game Developers Conference 2007 and it costs greatly the sorrow to see it finished, it is impressive.
The second part is giving clic here–>

In only two minutes of this video we can understand to big features the process that takes to design a level for a video game AAA as Resistance: Fall of Man, one of the big bets of Sony for the PS3. The base of any level relapses into the global design of the game, the level development is [...]

We are month and a half of the exit of Unreal Tournament 3 and I count already the hours to be able to work with Unreal Engine 3.0. As the previous version (UT 2004) the game we will be able to obtain it in two flavors for the PC: mortal and of collection. In contrast to other games where always [...]

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