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On November 12, 2008


Yesterday was chatting with an associate of the "prestigious" Reality of video games that, in the opinion of my friend Wire, looks like more a useless version of “Dancing for a Sleep” that slightly serious. The curious thing of this is that it is supposed that this person is working for "creating" an industry of development of video games in Mexico but it does not have not more reputes idea from what it is needed (of desire it is not lived).

Only I aim at a pair of things:

- If you are going to "create" an industry of the first development find out from what type of persons it is needed to develop a game. He remembers that different professions exist (designers, artists 2D, 3D, quizmasters, programmers, producers, sound technicians, testers, etc.) and every person has a series of responsibilities. There is not "todólogos" and if you go away for this way of that time you cost already, you are not raising anything serious.

- The work does not measure itself for “standards“. A video game is neither a hamburger, nor a ration of popes that puts to the deep fryer "n" minutes quantity. If you do not believe me ask him to a producing house about all that charges from you for “five kinematics standard of minute and a half”. I already imagine the face of the person with which you quote (and what they will think of you).

And as advice: Do not speak about what you do not know claiming that you dominate it.
If you do not know of games design: it uses Google
If you do not know that it is Disruption: it uses Google
If you cannot use Google … put a hamburgers position.

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