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There is a series of reasons for which I want to buy Mirror's Edge rather than Gears of War 2. It is very simple, when you see a game you know that you want to play it for some reason and leave aside the Metacritic average, the critiques of all the places (0.1 % of the editors looks for it [...]

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This space belongs to, you will find comments á, boring videos and tips of to be a games diseñ and not to die in the attempt.

  • Vackero: Thank you DON D. is very interesting the way in as you raise everything, and land to the interested parties in [...]
  • Photon: This is quite a hand! [...]
  • Photon: There is kitchen boy Tun-Tun who saw you! if more you have the expensive hand.:P [...]
  • Photon: Buy a hat to the peasant and you are going to see as he accepts it to you of demolished. ;) [...]
  • Paiopaio: :O... prepare the Snack... I take the beers. [...]