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On November 14, 2008


To forget Windows is easy after 6 months to work with YOU X. The system is incredibly stable, the software that you use for 2D and 3D is available in the same versions and makes use better of the configuration of your team, you meet a series of programs that increase your productivity and you are happy … at times, because you meet the nuisance of having to begin again in Windows to use all the development hardware for games.

For my bad luck there are no games in Mac (those who exist are had by them up to 1 year of delay) and what more fucks me is that they do not come with SDKs for being simple ports. I would like seeing the times that it takes in a map is cooked in Unreal Engine or in Radiant of CoD4 under this operating system without having to fight with typical “Unhandled exception: Access Violation blablablabla” of Sight.

According to Apple the future of the games is in in the iPod Touch/iPhone and that there exists a “tremendous synergy” of the developers with this platform. I do not know so true what is, nevertheless the platform is doing to me ojitos to develop an application during the following year.

If you, wealthy reading friend, want to play creations fancys and original (and do not clone of Guitar Hero) and have no fill in sponsoring Unity's license, sting him to the button of Contact that is in the top menu and make the whole generation happy.

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