The netbooks and the chance games

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On November 26, 2008

Netbook Gaming

In the morning, while he was reading my habitual feeds dose, I met the note in MCV that the fever of the netbooks might give another draft to the industry of the video games. Thanks to the wireless connectivity and the low cost of the teams, these might be made use to exploit the market of chance games (navigator or of office with low requests).

Really can they contribute anything? for me it is a bread with the same. It is not that it does not create on the chance market, it is alone that there exist other devices to be exploited before falling down in the same type of interactivity that the current games propose. Devices as the iPod Touch or development programs indies (WiiWare or XNA CC) might give him a draft to the industry of chance games, saturated of clones of Zuma or Bejeweled.

A netbook is attractive in many aspects (cost, yield, weight) but it does not stop being a PC and the games offer might dream to campaign of similar: "It plays the same, but in any place” and I doubt very much that this might give a draft to the castrosa “chance fever”.

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