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The latter days I have been employed closely with my friend Carlos Gutierrez at the change of image to the whole network of blogs that it represents G33K ON. The first one in suffering a redesign is The Wired Blog and for that I have based on the topic Braincast de Storelicius and InfectedFX.
We begin a new stage in [...]

The content generated by the user in the video games is not anything new for those that we have spent playing (and creating) during the last 15 years in the PC. For console it is a topic that has begun to take force and to verify it it is enough to roll over to see games as Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 [...]

Plastic Wax is an animation study with wide experience in the movie theaters development for games. Between his clients find 2k Games with Bioshock and Borderlands, Eidos with Tomb Raider: Anniversary and more recently Relic with the trailer to announce Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2.
In CGSociety an article is of [...]

One of the problems that faces the designer - scriptwriter at the time of implementing the narrative is undoubtedly to define the characteristics of the principal personage, commonly called “the hero”. If we throw a glance to the oriental RPGs (and western some) for example, we think that the principal personage is the most idiotic person of the world, not [...]

Beginning developing video games

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On September 15, 2008

If it is interesting to you to develop video games or to be employed at the industry “winning therefore more you like doing” of course you have visited infinity of forums in Spanish where sometimes they tend to misinform you more than to solve your doubts. The first thing that you must do is to wonder: “what do you like?” ó: “what facilitates you to itself?” It can [...]

Chris Crawford is one of the designers of games that more I respect and joust with comments like “that fuck the graphs, should create better emotions” he makes me think that the new litter of independent developers they will pay attention of these wise words at the time of generating new concepts.
In the opening of Austin's GDC, [...]

Three weeks ago I began a project which had already wanted to begin to walk from hacía some months. With support of the UAM Azcapotzalco we begin an introduction workshop to the video games design that each one consists of two weekly meetings of hour and a half.
The target of this workshop is to introduce the people to [...]

Blizzard announced that they are working in what they call “Blizzard Accounts“ that will allow you to take a record of all the games of the company. In qualifications as Starcraft 2, Devil 3 or the new expansion of WoW.
This system by means of “achievements“ can already be in the beta of Wrath of the Lich [...]

Not if I allowed myself to take for the Devil's hype 3 or flatly I him paid attention to my friend Diana and his indecorous proposal to play Devil 2 for TCP/IP. The true thing is that I am starting again and realize the great thing that was surprising it. Why does nobody already take [...]

A habitual characteristic of any gamer (chance, hardcore, etc) is to have in mind the perfect game, which will come to define the way of the industry and that will free us from the games mediocrity that we have to support every year (exemption topcoat).
The problem of this sleep is that we are it sufficiently jealous as for [...]

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