Tomb Raider: Chance?

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25 seed drill 2009

Lara Croft

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Lara Croft would not be an icon of the video games of not being for this pair of nipples.

Eidos says that Lara Croft must change to come to the feminine public, I say that this is BULLSHIT. The feminine public is much entertained making Blizzard and Nintendo millionaires, enjoys chance games in his iPhone or route browser in his 15 minutes of labor spawn.

Lara Croft has suffered an over-exploitation that almost the ride to the extinction after so many shit. Fortunately it had a good return in 2006, rescuing basic elements of his origin and applying them in the last two games. It has evolved technologically and it is provided with an exceptional level design. Then: Why to fuck that? There is no need to come to every public with a mark so established as Tomb Raider; it has a considerable users base and Lara is the most important third icon of the universe (Mario and Sonic precede it).

I want to think that this new way would lead to implementing a jugabilidad system to idiots' test (insured immortality) followed by simpler puzzles and a version of less warm Lara. We it might title “Chance Tomb Raider” a free web game based on a graphic technology similar to Quake Live or Battlefield Heroes and that works under the micro-deals system. This is offensive both for the fanatics of the series and for the women who play it.

I believe that we have come to a moment in which nobody feels offended if the personage is a black, immigrant white person, tetona or violent. The women are not idiotic, they are capable of solving puzzles, of using a sniper and of leading raids without any problem. They have clans that humiliate you in a cruellest way in Aura or Rainbow Six and not that's why Bungie or Ubisoft his qualifications have decided to do less complexes (rositas).

Eidos needs money, like all. But the real problem comes for a stupid quantity of games that they salt the same month: November. The people have to administer his money and make some acquisition hanging. With a suitable calendarización (or the dollar to half of price) we would stop suffering but TR Underworld committed the error of going out the same month as Call of Duty, Gears of War 2 and etc etc.

A good design takes root in the perfect balance of the components of jugabilidad. The option to reinvent Lara would have to go for a way where the narrative, the system of control and design of puzzles are supported like only one element. To dress Lara and to transform it into a chance icon sounds so aberrant as to think that new Guitar Hero is the wave or that Uwe Boll should direct the movie of Gears of War.

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