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8 Feb 2009

Thanks to the crisis, the time of delivery and the sensation of being right in him to the planet I decided to do the change of all my sucripciones of magazine to digital format. Someone flatly got lost in the inter, others happened to be torrenteadas but the regarding ones Game Development stay intact.

The problem that many have with the magazines is that the information has democratized of such a way that the subscriptions spent to be something “old school” and they are supported for two things: articles and exclusive interviews. In the field of Game Dev simply I have not thought in blogs or other portals the grade of complexity of a Post Mortem (alone Gamasutra) or it interesting that there are the lines of The Alpenwolf.

So my darlings reading three (the more one), I have to recommend to them the following publications if it is that they begin in the world of Game Dev, if they are already or if only they want mamonear with his chiks speaking about scripts or bosses of Artificial intelligence.

Game Developer Magazine


I take three years signed, the magazine has almost 5 years of antigûedad and it is the piece of information more mature that I know. From Post Mortems up to his special editions of Game Career Guide that they throw every year, every page costs every cent that you pay for her. Columns as Aural Fixation, Pixel Pusher or Game Plan balance perfectly the content. The interesting of this magazine is that it is not a tutors' heap, on the contrary, it is a fistful of well executed articles of persons who should fill the vacancies of “Game Journalist“ that so much are existed prostituido through the fault of magazines for consumers I mediate (EGM, Play, GamePro, etc). If you read Gamasutra the language is almost identical.

Develop Magazine and MCV


A magazine focused on the English market of GameDev. All the sections, articles and publishing line are very specific for the region therefore hardly you will find news about throwings, conferences or job vacancies of America. This magazine is interesting for two things: it is free and it has a design column invaluable: The Alpenwolf.

Develop Magazine is of a wide format, he has few pages and it is every