FIFA 09 Ultimate Team, the first expansion for FIFA 09

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10 Feb 2009

The opposite to the established thing, FIFA 09 will have his first "expansion" or DLC from next March 19 for PS3 and XB360. But there is no update of staff or of uniforms, it is a way of "new" game, and I it put between quotation marks because this form appeared in the UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 it does a pair of years, nevertheless the game sold to itself enough evil and had me to see that it was even finished off in many bazaars (100 or 150 weight)

To groso way FIFA 09 Ultimate Team is in the wave of collecting cards, as well as in the eighties that some èramos fans of filling the album of classic Panini of every world cup. But aqu ì the target is not to fill an album but to buy packs, to arm a team with "x" players and to administer it by means of cards extra. It is to complement FIFA with a table game.

Why does it attract attention of me? Jugabilidad and Balance. This type of games turns out to be great in the tables or boardrooms of the studies of development. To generate a prototype with letters is something very basic to prove the jugabilidad and to level it. There are companies that leave it aside since there are a part of a process iterativo, nevertheless the production times are shy increasingly and there is no space for this type of tests. I did not have opportunity to prove it in UEFA, nevertheless for approximately 800 points it would not displease me to do of this new add-on

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February 10th, 2009 at 6:34 pm

If, you are right, also there attracts attention of me this new one added for the FIFA 09, but me emputa to have to pay for something that in the beginning should already come included in the game.

Anyway, leaving aside the royal elbow, it is a good option to extend the entertainment that FIFA gives you, because although it is not a way for all there is not doubt that it is quite entertaining.

P.D. Álbumes Panini bums!

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