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There is one earlier and one after Battlefield 1942. The game marked the lineaments to be continued for a multiplayer with vehicles and such a popularity reached that there came 3 aftermath (Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142). The problem with the exemption is that the last throwing coincided with the disaster of the PC Gaming. The versions of [...]

There is a series of reasons for which I want to buy Mirror's Edge rather than Gears of War 2. It is very simple, when you see a game you know that you want to play it for some reason and leave aside the Metacritic average, the critiques of all the places (0.1 % of the editors looks for it [...]

Tits tits tits! - this is the first thing that occurs to me after Duke Nukem remembers 3D along with this BadMofo attitude that Doom could not offer you. The game is already available in the marketplace for the coherent quantity of 800 points. To remember old times:D.
It records: Duke Nukem 3D
Developer: 3D [...]

Since it was of be waiting, Microsoft went out in defense of Rare after which Peter Moore was doing so "intelligent" declarations in his interview with The Guardian.
Phil Spencer said that Rare plays a strategic roll in the development of games and new experiences that his users' base has allowed to Microsoft to expand. Spencer was useful for [...]

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