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For several months we know that Interplay was on the point of being reborn thanks to the teaser in his website. After concluding with the legal problems, the company has returned to the business and glides to enter the big door with a MMOG (Fallout?), of less that say the document that filed of some time ago in [...]

For those that Fallout never played, the project They Go Buren was the name with which Black Isle designated the development of Fallout 3 rather than Interplay he was deciding to cancel the development. The prototype of the technology that Fallout 3 would use filtered not long ago more than one year to the network, nevertheless it is already [...]

A few days ago I received the invitation mail to the beta of Good Old Games, a system of electronic distribution of classic games for PC. Although the catalog is not very extensive, I met jewels of Interplay like Fallout 1 and 2, Giants Citizen: Kabuto or Messiah in the incredible quantity [...]

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